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The Affluent

YouTube funster Remi Gaillard's 'air sex' videos criticised for 'glorifying defilement'
The Independent
In his most late video, called Free Sex, he makes use of the foreshortening basically of a hidden camera to score it look as if he is having sex with unwitting girlish women as they crook over shelves in a supermarket or sunbathe in a park. Mr Gaillard

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Imaginative Loafing Atlanta

On sex tapes, flood rods, and actuality porn's ethnic politics
Resourceful Loafing Atlanta
And her "leaked" sex seal trailer with attempt-R&B singer Nikko has spawned a TMZ-reported shortfall of industrial-asset shower rods at Tellingly Depot due to the fame of their graphic barrage scene, an unending walk of #mimishowerrod tweets

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