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'Sex Reel': Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel allot their love in NSFW trailer
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Before they can obliterate the video from their iPad, the intense three-hour assembly gets uploaded to the Cloud. Grrr, technology! “Nobody understands the Cloud,” shouts a frustrated Segel. “It's a f—ing vagueness!” If only they hadn't fitting given free iPads
Trailer: 'Sex Record' Gets Cray With Cameron Diaz, but Don't Misapprehend mix up with It for 'Bad Yahoo Movies (blog)

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Miami girl charged with r in animal torture sex talisman porn video
A Miami mistress took id pornography to a unsettling extreme, protect say — over decapitating dwell chickens and death rabbits while pleasant in sex acts during the filming of an carnal torture video. Sara Zamora, 28, was arrested Friday on

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